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I lost it.

I know I've haven't lived at home for almost 6 years. I know I should have been around more I know these things and I know he'll be back, I know it's only 2 years he's going to be okay... but when the hell did he grow up? And how did the time fly by so fast...

I remember when they first brought him home from the hospital and how excited I was, I begged for my parents to let me carry him. I was only 5 years old but I loved him already. I remember his first birthday, many birthdays. His reddish hair as a kid, how he wore a tie in Pre-K. The cutest kid I've ever seen to this day. I remember playing games on nintendo, 64, and the first playstation. We use to build NASCAR tracks together. We used to play together a lot when we were kid. Now I've come back and you're a man. Where did the time go by? Why can't we stay thats same little boy forever?

You're an amazing man with a heart of gold. You always make me laugh. I admire you so much for following your dreams and passion. God smiles on you everyday, inside and outside you're better than I am.

You're just gonna be far away for a while.
Chase your dreams but always know the road
That will lead you home again. Go on take on this whole world but to me you'll always be, my little bro <3

I'm gonna miss you, I love you so much.

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