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Mar. 25th, 2011

468 Months ~ Slow Car Crash

468 months gone by
Can’t find the keys to get back in
Always love to visit though
With a sprinkle of bourbon to cure my hangover
Brings out that other me
...The one you found endearing
The one that says what he feels

I remember Rick, and Greg, and will
I remember listening to stories
I doubt were factual
More contractual in hopes of earning respect
Through tall tales of women and wine
Pretty sure it was all in their mind
But I respect the creativity
And ignore the need for a pat on the back
Too much luggage
I travel light

Smoking cigarettes while I sip my Jim
Splash of coke still caked on the nostril
While some distant song brings the element of youth
When was that? 30 some months ago?
I lost track…
Hard to count without consistency
Like 1,2 3
It all blends together like my bourbon, and coke, and this bar
Just like the Club, The Barrell, The Tank
I just know that we drank and talked and laughed and cried

And the months passed by
So did the miles in my van
Street signs and friends, and women
All means to an end
Jim Beam tastes the same
In Albuquerque, El Paso, and Maine
Like eliminating a sense
It blinds the memory from finding
Just where we were when we last heard this song
But I remember you
When I find the key
I hope you’ll let me come visit


speak to the heart, love.

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