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Lovin it.

I convinced my family & friends to join me at the park. I've been wanting to go for days. We BBQed it went from 4 people to 14 and it was so fun. I just missed being outdoors, I've missed it a lot lately. I actually played some ball and got on swings and down the slide can't remember how long it's been. Funny how we all were saying it too. Sometimes it just fun to act like a kid and enjoy the outdoors, appreciate it. I'm actually quite jealous that this park is so awesome I wish parks were that awesome when I was younger. Sienna, my 6 month today niece, has really just opened my eyes on life without really doing anything. She's one of the main reasons I moved back down here. I want to be involved in her life and be a better person for her and myself. God forbid something happen to my sister & brother in law I just would want to be there for her. I've been a better person ever since she came into my life. I love her, she really completes my day. Her smile, anything and everything just makes life so.. Wonderful. She's our excuse to act like kids again, lol.
Sienna Elysse, you brought me back to life. Thank you.

I've come to love working out, I even do it on my own. Yea I'll have my lazy days but it's just so rewarding to me. Things are coming along perfectly. I'm just at this peace and always have a smile on my face, most of the time. I'm in love.

I know this peace is my spirit. It's growing and I couldn't be happier. I'm so blessed & lucky to experience this.


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